The course is in great shape thanks to Ash, his crew, our membership, and a little help from Mother Nature.

A Few reminders:

1.  Fix those Ball marks! Stab a tee or divot repair tool (available in the Pro Shop) into the ball mark on the outside of the damage and push inward around the scar…. tamp down to make the area flush….. fix any you might create or see!

2.  Replace your divots if they’re intact or fill the divot area with sand/seed mix. The bottled mix is for fairway use only…. not necessary on tee boxes or in the rough areas. Empty the bottle…. whether you’re a walker taking the small bottle or cart rider with the bigger bottles, use all the mix up during your round…. we’ll refill them!

3.  Rake the bunkers smooth…. leave the bunker rakes in the bunker positioned parallel and within a few feet of the bunker edge. Enter and exit the bunker from the low side…. no climbing the steeper faces.

4.  If you see broken tees, help keep the tee boxes tidy by tossing them into the rough or into a trash receptacle. They cause problems with the tee mowers and add time to the tee mowing…. lost time that could be used in other areas…. areas like the new cart parking spot by the stairs on 17!

We all take a lot of pride in our course and the conditions we enjoy daily. A few small steps can help keep things looking great.